How to improve CIBIL score?

Check Your Credit Report

Obtain and review your credit report for errors. Dispute inaccuracies with the credit bureau.

Set up reminders or automatic payments to ensure timely credit card and loan payments.

Pay Bills on Time:

Keep credit card balances below 30% of the limit to maintain a positive credit score.

Reduce Credit Card Balances

Reduce Credit Card Balances

Retain old and unused credit cards to preserve a longer credit history.

Keep Unused Credit Cards Open

Have a mix of credit types but only take on new credit when necessary and manageable.

Diversify Credit Mix

Diversify Credit Mix

Be cautious about new credit applications to avoid negative impacts on your credit score.

Limit Credit Inquiries

Limit Credit Inquiries

Settle outstanding debts and ensure the updates are reflected on your credit report.

Settle Outstanding Dues

Develop a budget to manage finances effectively, allocate funds, and avoid unnecessary debt.

Create a Budget

Be cautious about co-signing loans to avoid potential credit score impacts.

Avoid Co-Signing Loans

Seek advice from a financial counselor for guidance on managing debt and improving financial health.

Financial Counseling

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