Sip Of Rs 5,000 Becomes Rs 7.2 Crore In 35 Years: See How?

Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be a great investment vehicle if you're looking to grow your wealth.

Let's explore how you can accumulate Rs 7.2  Crore in 35 years through mutual funds.

First, find a mutual fund with steady returns, ideally 15% annually.

Choosing the Right Mutual Fund

A SIP allows you to invest a fixed amount regularly in your chosen mutual fund. In this case, you'll need to continue a SIP of Rs 5,000 for 35  years.

Systematic Investment Plan 

Systematic Investment Plan 

Over a period of 35 years, your total investment will amount to ₹21,00,000. This is the total money out of your pocket.

Your Total Investment

Assuming an annual return of 15%, your estimated returns after 35 years would be around ₹ 7,22,03,225.

Your Estimated Returns

Your Estimated Returns

By adding your investment amount and the estimated returns, you'll end up with a whopping ₹ 7,43,03,225 after 35 years of disciplined investing.

The Grand Total

The Grand Total

It's never too early or too late to start investing. Begin your journey towards wealth creation today with mutual funds.

Start Your Wealth Creation Journey Today

Remember, the actual returns could vary based on market conditions and the performance of the mutual fund. Always do your own research before investing.


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