PGIM SIP Calculator

PGIM SIP Calculator

Plan Your Investments with PGIM SIP Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan, or SIP, is a method of investing where you invest a fixed amount regularly over a decided timeframe. SIPs allow you to invest small amounts and take advantage of the power of compounding over the long term.

Our website offers an easy-to-use PGIM SIP Calculator that helps you estimate the future value of your SIP investments in PGIM mutual funds. This blog post will guide you in using this calculator for better planning.

The PGIM SIP Calculator provides customizable inputs including:

  • Monthly SIP investment amount
  • Investment horizon

And gives you estimated future value so you can plan your goals better.

Let’s look at how to use this calculator effectively.

What is the PGIM SIP Calculator?

The PGIM SIP Calculator is a user-friendly calculator available on our website to help estimate and plan your SIP investments with PGIM mutual funds.

Some key features:

  • Customize monthly SIP investment amount as per your preference
  • Specify investment tenure – 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or custom
  • Assume expected annualized returns from the fund – conservative, moderate or aggressive

Based on these inputs, the calculator provides estimated future value of your investment helping you determine the corpus you might accumulate.

It has an intuitive and responsive interface allowing seamless usage across devices. The output is presented in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

The idea is to use this calculator to make informed decisions about PGIM SIP investments tailored to your financial goals.

Using the SIP Calculator

Here are the steps to use the PGIM SIP Calculator on our website:

  1. Go to the SIP Calculator page on the website
  2. Enter the monthly SIP amount you plan to invest. You can start with as low as Rs. 500.
  3. Choose investment tenure – 5, 10, 15 years or enter custom tenure. The longer the tenure, the more your money can compound.
  4. Assume annualized expected returns from the fund to grow your money. Options are Conservative (10%), Moderate (15%) and Aggressive (20%).
  5. Click Calculate button.

The calculator provides a graph with the estimated future value of your investment based on inputs which helps clearly visualize the wealth creation potential over tenure.

You can play around with variables like increasing SIP amount or tenure to align plan as per evolving financial situation.

Key Benefits of the SIP Calculator

The PGIM SIP Calculator comes loaded with benefits to help investors plan better:

1. Estimates future corpus – The main aspect is providing approximate future value of SIP investments. This helps to set realistic goals and corpus targets.

2. Visualizes compounding effect – The output graph represents power of compounding over long-term especially when started early.

3. Customizable to needs – Flexible inputs allow you to tailor plan to individual needs – risk appetite, tenure, SIP amount etc.

4. Builds investment portfolio – Once target corpus is known, it becomes easy to allocate among various funds and construct ideal investment portfolio.

5. Track progress – Use the calculator periodically to assess if investments are on track towards achieving financial objectives.

The idea is to make decision making with PGIM SIPs more informed, organized and structured.

Additional Tips for Maximum Benefits

Here are some additional tips to maximize benefits from PGIM SIP Calculator:

Start early – Starting SIPs at an early age results in massive difference in final corpus due to compounding over long period.

Increase SIP amount – Attempt to incrementally increase the SIP amount regularly to accelerate your investments. Adds to considerable gains.

Longer tenure – More the investment horizon, bigger is the wealth creation potential due to compounding.

Monitor & update – Review portfolio periodically and update details on calculator to track status.

Use calculator wisely – Remember estimated returns may vary from actuals depending on market fluctuations.

Factor expenses – Account for expenses before deciding corpus size so you invest adequately for goals.

With some discipline, PGIM SIP Calculator can significantly ease your investment planning and help utilize the power of compounding optimally.


SIP investing is a disciplined long-term approach but many are unsure about planning effectively for goals. This is where the PGIM SIP Calculator on our website comes into play.

It is designed specifically keeping in mind simplicity and flexibility for customers. Incorporating aspects like varied fund selection, customizable tenure and expected returns, the calculator provides future value estimates tailored to investment objectives.

Whether you are just venturing into investment journey or a seasoned investor, I highly recommend using the PGIM SIP Calculator on periodic basis for:

  • Realistic goal planning
  • Constructing your portfolio
  • Aligning to evolving needs
  • Assessing progress

With a scientific approach, optimal utilization of power of compounding and peace of mind in achieving targets becomes far more possible.

Try the PGIM SIP Calculator today to take control of your investments confidently.

Hope you enjoyed this guide on using the calculator efficiently. Let me know your feedback or if you need any other investment-related assistance.

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