HDFC SIP Calculator

HDFC SIP Calculator

Calculate Your Returns with the HDFC SIP Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows investors to invest small amounts regularly into mutual funds. It is a great way for new investors to enter the market without having to invest a large lump sum. SIP inculcates investing discipline and helps reduce market timing risk.

The HDFC SIP calculator is a useful tool to estimate SIP returns. It allows you to input details like monthly investment amount, time period, expected rate of return to calculate estimated returns. The calculator uses the power of compounding to arrive at maturity amount.

You can find the HDFC SIP calculator on our website and easily use it to plan your investments. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to use the calculator and interpret the results.

How the HDFC SIP Calculator Works

The HDFC SIP calculator is very easy to use. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the SIP calculator page on our website.
  2. Enter the monthly SIP amount you plan to invest. The minimum is Rs. 500.
  3. Select the tenure of your SIP – 3 years, 5 years, 10 years etc. The longer the better!
  4. Choose the expected returns you anticipate. The calculator provides options of 10%, 12%, 15% etc. Be conservative here.
  5. Hit Calculate. The calculator will estimate the maturity amount, total investment amount and Estimated returns.

You can play around with the inputs and see how increasing SIP amount or tenure impacts the returns due to compounding.

Key Benefits of the HDFC SIP Calculator

The HDFC SIP calculator provides several useful benefits:

  • Allows estimation of returns from SIPs in different HDFC mutual fund schemes – equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds etc.
  • Helps plan SIP investments better based on user’s investment goals, capability, and risk appetite.
  • Shows the power of compounding and how small investments can grow to a large corpus over long periods
  • Motivates users to start investing small amounts regularly through SIPs to meet future goals.
  • Simple and easy to use, does not require complex math.
  • Quickly compare returns across different scenarios.
  • Useful tool for first-time investors to understand SIP investing better.
  • Available for free on our website for anyone to use.

The SIP calculator is a great way to validate the benefits of long-term SIP investing. It encourages disciplined investing to meet financial goals.

How to Interpret the Results

The HDFC SIP calculator provides the following key results:

  • Total value – This is the total accumulated amount on maturity of the SIP tenure. It shows how small monthly SIPs can grow to a large sum due to compounding.
  • Invested amount – The aggregate of all SIP installments you would have invested over the tenure.
  • Estimated returns – The difference between the Total value and Invested amount. Indicates returns.

While interpreting the results, keep in mind:

  • Actual returns can vary based on mutual fund’s performance compared to the expected return you input.
  • Longer the investment horizon, higher the benefit of compounding.
  • Increase your SIP amount by atleast 10% each year for better corpus, Here you can use our Step-Up Sip Calculator.
  • Use the calculator results as a guide but be conservative in your return expectations.

The SIP calculator is a useful starting point for your investment planning. Use it wisely along with expert advice.


The HDFC SIP calculator is a handy tool for new and existing investors to estimate returns on monthly SIPs in HDFC mutual funds. It demonstrates the power of compounding and builds investing discipline.

Some key takeaways:

  • Start investing early and stay invested for long periods.
  • Increase SIP installment amounts gradually.
  • Use the calculator to estimate returns and plan SIPs. But be conservative in return expectation.
  • Take expert advice and consider your risk appetite before choosing funds and investment tenure.

We hope this post helps you understand how to effectively use the HDFC SIP calculator. Get started with your investment journey and achieve your financial goals via the power of SIP investing.

Try using the calculator now and let us know if you need any assistance. Our investing advisors are also available to guide you further.

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