PPF Wealth Magic: Transforming Rs 1 Lakh into Rs 27,12,139!

PPF is a long-term investment scheme offered by the Indian government, allowing individuals to invest a specified amount annually for a fixed tenure, typically 15 years.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

 Invest Rs 1 lakh annually in PPF for 15 years

Annual Investment

The total amount invested over 15 years will be Rs 15,00,000

Total Investment

Expect a return of Rs 12,12,139 on your PPF investment

Return on Investment

When the investment and return are combined, the total after 15 years will be Rs 27,12,139.

Combined Amount

The investment period spans 15 years for this PPF plan

Time Frame

Commit to the plan to maximize returns over the 15-year period.

Long-Term Commitment

Experience compounded growth on your investment in the PPF scheme.

Compounded Growth

Witness a significant increase in your investment from Rs 15,00,000 to Rs 27,12,139 over the 15-year tenure.

Considerable Growth

How your Rs 1.20 lakh can grow into Rs 63.35 lakh