How your Rs 333 Investment can Grow into Rs 50 Lakh

How your Rs 333 Investment can Grow into Rs 50 Lakh

To accumulate Rs 50 lakh through SIP, consider investing Rs 333 daily.

Your monthly SIP deposit should be Rs 9960, resulting in an annual deposit of Rs 1,19,880.

Sustain this investment strategy for 15 years to build a substantial corpus.

By the end of the 15-year period, your total investment would amount to Rs 17,98,200.

Assuming a 12% interest rate, your SIP could yield a return of Rs 32,42,514 after 15 years.

Combining the invested amount and returns, your total corpus could reach Rs 50,40,717.

Consistency in daily deposits and long-term commitment are key factors for SIP success.

Calculate your investment horizon and risk tolerance before embarking on a SIP journey.

Regularly monitor market trends to make informed decisions and optimize SIP returns.

Consult with financial experts to tailor your SIP strategy based on your financial goals and market conditions.


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