How students can become millionaires at the age of 25: The Strategy Revealed!

Today, we will learn how a student can become a millionaire at the age of 25, and that too without any high financial knowledge.

Saving is Key

Saving is Key

Most students spend their pocket money on unnecessary things. If you start saving INR 3000 every month from now, you can become a millionaire.

Plan Your Savings

Plan Your Savings

It's not necessary that you have to save exactly INR 3000; we are just assuming. You can save money according to your own calculations, which will secure your future.

Find a Good Mutual Fund

Next, you need to find a good mutual fund. You can take advice from your financial advisor for this.

The Investment Plan

Let's assume that you are 18 years old now. According to our calculations, you will have to invest INR 3000 every month in a mutual fund through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), and the investment period will be 7 years.

Compound Interest: The Magic Ingredient

If you get a compound interest of 15% on your invested amount, then after 7 years, your investment amount will be INR 2.52 lakh, and the interest earned will be INR 1.95 lakh.

The Result

The Result

Adding both, you will have a total of INR ₹4,46,904 after 7 years.

This is for informational purposes only. Investments are subject to market risks. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results.


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