How a Rs 10,000 SIP Transformed into 1.5 Crore

Tata Mid Cap Fund

Tata Group is a significant name in the Indian market with businesses in software, salt, and other sectors.

The group's mutual fund company has shown a path of growth to investors.

One of their schemes, Tata Mid Cap Mutual Fund, has helped people become millionaires.

Tata Mid Cap mutual fund was launched on March 31, 2004, and its return has been consistently good.

Tata Mid Cap Fund has proven to be a source of high and balanced investment for investors.

High and Balanced Investment

In terms of net returns, it has shown a return of about 553%, which is a great source of delight for investors.

553% Return

The Tata Mid Cap Fund scheme has provided satisfying returns to investors.

Excellent Investment

The increase in the fund's NAV has also shown good results to investors, which has increased from 10 rupees at launch to approximately 310 rupees now.

Increase in NAV

The expense ratio of the fund is also quite sensitive, which is more meaningful for investors.

Expense Ratio

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